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Goodbye, Babylon

Compiled by Lance Ledbetter, Goodbye, Babylon was Dust-to-Digital’s first release.

160 tracks: 135 Songs (1902-1960) and 25 Sermons (1926-1941).

This is the 200-page softcover book that was included with the original Goodbye, Babylon box set that was first published in 2003. This book contains annotations and transcriptions for every track in the set, all 160 of them. It also includes essays by noted musicologists and experts; Charles Wolfe, Dick Spottswood, David Warren Steel.   


“I recently got a gift from Bob Dylan, a good old friend of mine. He gave me a gospel collection of great old American music and early country roots from old 78s. It’s the original wealth of our recorded music; it’s the cream of the crop and has the history of each recording. It’s a great old set called Goodbye, Babylon, and it’s incredible. It’s in a wooden box and everything, and it’s just so beautiful.” — Neil Young on Weekend Edition

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