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From the Lion Mountain: Traditional Music of Yeha, Ethiopia

We are pleased to announce the first-ever album and book to document the music of a single Ethiopian village. The village, Yeha, is located in the far north of the country in north-central Tigray about 30 km south of the Eritrean border.

The field recordings were made by David Evans, a musicologist with whom we have been working since our very first project in 2003. From 2012-2013, David made multiple trips to record in Yeha. He also wrote the accompanying book, which offers insight to the region and its music.

The digital release features 22 recordings and a 52-page book in PDF format. The book provides an account of the cultural and musical history of the region along with annotations for each track by David Evans. The book also features more than 65 photos of the musicians, their community, and the village life of Yeha. The book is presented in PDF format. .

“From the Lion Mountain: Traditional Music of Yeha, Ethiopia” is released in partnership with the University of Memphis and its High Water Recording Company who supported the creation of these recordings. The performers were contracted and paid at the time of the recordings. Our agreement with the university pays the institution sales-based royalties twice per year.

This release marks the first in a projected series of albums featuring recordings of the traditional and popular music of Ethiopia made during David’s expeditions.

Click here for the complete tracklist.