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Bruce Conner: I’m Always Thinking of You

This is a reproduction of a greeting card created by Bruce Conner for Inkweed Studios circa 1957.

There was a moment when a group of pioneering American artists envisioned a line of greeting cards that conveyed subversive wit, dark humor, absurdity, a philosophical bent, a spartan visual style, and a willingness to signal more volatile feelings. Inkweed Studios, founded in the Lower East Side in 1951, had a Beat Generation sensibility fused with modernist aesthetics.

Poet and Kabbalistic scholar Lionel Ziprin and his wife Joanne Ziprin, a dancer, illustrator and model, started the studio. Wide-ranging and eclectic artists like Harry Smith (the filmmaker, folklorist and collector who assembled the legendary Anthology of American Folk Music),experimental filmmaker and special effects artist Jordan Belson, painter and filmmaker Bruce Conner, and illustrators Barbara Remington and William Mohr all contributed card designs.