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The Harry B-Smith Sides FAQ


Harry Smith used some A-sides and some B-sides of 78s from the 1920s and 30s for the "Anthology of American Folk Music." What we are referencing in the title of our set is the 1952 "Anthology of American Folk Music" not the original 78s. What that means is that these aren't B-sides in the sense that Columbia, Victor, Paramount, etc. designated them B-sides; these are B-sides as designated by Harry Smith when he was compiling the "Anthology."

In four instances, Harry included both sides of the same 78-rpm record on the "Anthology of American Folk Music." For these recordings, the location of the tracks in the playlist order have been switched, so that the first song appears where the second song was, and so on. For example, “Must Be Born Again” and “Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting” are opposite sides of the same original 78rpm record by Rev. J.M. Gates, therefore their positions in the playlist on the B-Sides collection are reversed. The same is true of “Rocky Road” and “Present Joys” by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, “Kassie Jones parts 1 and 2” by Furry Lewis, and "The Wagoner's Lad" and "The Butcher's Boy" by Buell Kazee.

This box set contains newly-remastered audio under license from Gennett Records, The George H. Buck Jr. Jazz Foundation, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group.

Our licenses do not allow us to make the audio available via download or streaming.