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Never A Pal Like Mother: Vintage Songs & Photographs of the One Who’s Always True Tracklist


1 Louvin Brothers God Bless Her, She’s My Mother
2 Doc Hopkins The Pal That’s Always True
3 Mr. & Mrs. Harmon E. Helmick Little Moses
4 William McCoy Mama Blues
5 Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band Mama’s Little Sunny Boy
6 Mighty Destroyer Mother's Love
7 Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon Mama Don’t Allow It
8 Maddox Brothers & Rose Mama Says It’s Naughty
9 Rev. J. M. Gates You Mother Heart Breakers
10 Wade Mainer Mother Came to Get Her Boy from Jail
11 Washington Phillips Mother’s Last Word to Her Son
12 Taylor's Kentucky Boys The Dixie Cowboy
13 Robert Wilkins That’s No Way to Get Along
14 Dixieland Jug Blowers Only Mother Cares for Me
15 Kid Smith and Family Whisper Softly, Mother’s Dying
16 Carter Family Hold Fast to the Right
17 Lil McClintock Mother Called Her Child to Her Dying Bed
18 Washington Phillips A Mother’s Last Word to Her Daughter
19 Wright Brothers Quartet Mother is with the Angels
20 Diamond Four Sleep On, Mother
21 J. P. Ryan Mother's Gone
22 Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet Stand in the Test in Judgment
23 Leo Soileau Mama, Where You At?
24 Jan Wysowski Kujawiak Babki (Grandmother's Dance)
25 Bob Wills Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again
26 Shortbuckle Roark & Family My Mother's Hands
27 Georgia Yellow Hammers The Picture on the Wall
28 Carolina Twins Where Is My Momma?
29 Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies I've Got the Blues for Mammy
30 Elvie Thomas Motherless Child Blues
31 Rev. Anderson Johnson If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
32 The Virginia Possum Tamers Tell Mother I'll Meet Her
33 Golden Eagle Gospel Singers Shake Mother's Hand for Me
34 Blue Sky Boys Mother Went Her Holiness Way
35 The Pilgrim Travelers Mother Bowed
36 L. V. Jones & His Virgnia Singing Class Will My Mother Know Me There?
37 Cecil Surratt & His West Virginia Ramblers The Bright Crystal Sea
38 McNulty Family Over the Hills and Far Away
39 Leon Bukasa Masanga
40 Lonnie McIntorsh Sleep On Mother, Sleep On