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Michigan-I-O: Alan Lomax and the 1938 Library of Congress Folk-Song Expedition Tracklist


1 John A. Lomax, Sr., and “Healin’ Waters,” unknown performer Such a Getting Upstairs
2 Mrs. Mate Sír a kislány a Balaton partján
3 Carl Lathrop Once More A-Lumbering Go
4 Perry Allen Round River Drive
5 J. W. Green, St. James The Banks of Claudie
6 Dominick Gallagher The Gallagher Boys
7 Dominick Gallagher The Gallagher Boys
8 Performer unknown Baby Take Your Leg Off Mine
9 Performer unknown No Balls at All
10 Lester Wells Michigan-I-O
11 Edwina and Stephanie Lewandowski Goldmine in the Sky
12 Capt. Asel Trueblood Asel Trueblood’s Story
13 Exilia Bellaire I Went to Marquette
14 Calvin Frazier and Sampson Pittman She’s a Double-Crossin’ Woman
15 Clara and Lonnie Frazier Jesus Is Mine
16 Sampson Pittman and Calvin Frazier I Been Down in the Circle Before
17 Rindlisbacher and Giezendanner Hoot Owl Holler
18 Unidentified Group Polish Wedding Music
19 Floriani Bros 31st Level Blues
20 Sampson Pittman This Old World's in a Tangle
21 Edward King Le Jour de L'an & Ida Goyette #1
22 Selma Elona Halinen Pikkulintu Erämaassa Lauleleepi Suruissana (A Little Bird in the Desert Sings Sadly)
23 Ed Thrasher Keyhole In the Door
24 Illija Sainovic Pastirska Pesma
25 Patrick Bonner Black Tar on a Stick and Up and Down the Broom
26 Leilia LeClaire Le Joli Bergere
27 Stefan Trivanovi Pastirska Pesma
28 Aapo Juhani Finnish Waltz