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Art of Field Recording Volume II: 50 Years of Traditional American Music Documented by Art Rosenbaum Tracklist


1 Fidel Martin La Grondeuse (The Scolding Woman) La Grondeuse (The Scolding Woman)
2 Eddie Bowles Blues
3 Frosty Lamb and Buzz Fountain 12th Street Rag 12th Street Rag
4 Dwight “Red” Lamb Danish Galop
5 Tony Bryant Broke Down Engine
6 The Balfa Brothers and Nathan Abshire J’ai Passé Devant ta Porte
7 The Balfa Brothers and Nathan Abshire Colinda
8 Jake Staggers Garfield Garfield
9 Bobby McMillon The Devil Song [Child 275]
10 John W. Summers Unnamed Tune
11 Kirk Brandenberger and Art Rosenbaum Going Across the Prairie
12 Uncle John Patterson Muddy Roads of Georgia
13 Cecil Barfield Georgia Blues
14 Mary Lomax Billy Staffer (The State of Arkansas) [Laws H1]
15 Eller Brothers Cindy in the Summer Time
16 Ross Brown and Howard Cunningham General Lee’s Surrender
17 Neal Pattman Shortnin’ Bread Shortnin’ Bread
18 Juanita and Oscar “Shorty” Shehan Free Little Bird
19 Juanita and Oscar “Shorty” Shehan The Soldier and the Lady [Laws P 14]
20 Shirley Griffith Big Road Blues
21 Pete Steele Harlan County Farewell Tune (Rambling Hobo)
22 Earl Murphy and Andy Carlson Marmaduke’s Hornpipe
23 Bert Hare Jonah
24 Smoky McGinness and Bob Black Turkey in the Straw
25 Clester Hounchell Paddy on the Turnpike
26 Anna Sandage Underhill Play Party Songs: In this Ring / I’d Rather Be a Farmer’s Boy
27 The Chancey Brothers Mulberry Gap / Cumberland Gap
28 Louie and Henry Riendeau Fred Rogers’ Reel
29 Scrapper Blackwell Goin’ Where the Monon Crosses the Yellow Dog
30 Brown’s Chapel Choir Welcome Home
31 Myers Family and Friends The River of Jordan
32 03. Fleeta and Rev. Nathaniel Mitchell: with Lucy and Brady “Doc” Barnes Brother, You Ought t’ve Been There
33 Georgia Sacred Harp Convention New Prospect
34 Bert Hare No Man Can Love Me Like Jesus
35 Ebenezer East Church He’s Calling Me
36 Gordon Tanner and Smoky Joe Miller Out of My Bondage
37 Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church Mother, Tell Me of the Angels
38 Otha Cooper No Room at the Hotel
39 The Traveling Inner Lights Let’s Have a Family Prayer
40 Golden River Grass Over in the Glory Land
41 Rev. Willie Mae Eberhart, Sister Fleeta Mitchell and Eddie Ruth Pringle A Charge to Keep I Have
42 Jake Staggers and Family How Long the Train Been Gone?
43 Pilgrim’s Rest Primitive Baptist Church Lord, Remember Me
44 McIntosh County Shouters Eve and Adam (Pickin’ Up Leaves)
45 Otha Cooper and Imogene Riggens There’s a Man Going around Taking Names
46 Lucy and Brady “Doc” Barnes Savior, Don’t You Pass Me By
47 Laethe Eller and Berthie Rogers Oh That Terrible Day
48 Cora Thompson I Know I Got Religion
49 Silver Light Gospel Singers Dry Bones
50 House of God, Sarasota, Florida Walk With Me
51 The Chancey Brothers I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground
52 The Eller Family Going to Georgia
53 George Gibson Southern Texas
54 Lucy and Brady “Doc” Barnes Raise a Ruckus Tonight
55 Myers Family and Friends The Rambling Boy [Laws L12]
56 Shorty Ralph Reynolds Want to Go to Cuba, Can’t Go Now
57 Ola Belle Reed The Boat’s Up the River
58 Pat Hudson Hog Drivers
59 W. Guy Bruce As I Walked Out One Morning in Spring
60 Gordon Tanner and Smoky Joe Miller Devilish Mary
61 Buell Kazee Barbara Allen [Child 84]
62 Jack Bean Steamboat Bill
63 Lawrence Eller and Ross Brown John Henry [Laws I1]
64 Mose Parker John Henry [Laws I1]
65 Willard Benson John Hardy [Laws I2]
66 Myers Family and Friends Old Joe Clark
67 Dr. C. B. Skelton The Miller’s Will [Laws Q21]
68 Lawrence Eller On Top of Old Smoky
69 Pete Steele Last Payday at Coal Creek
70 Helen McDuffie and Leasie Whitmire The Wreck on the CC&O Road [Laws G3]
71 Buzz Fountain Quit that Ticklin’ Me
72 Mabel Cawthorn Going to the Country (Some Kind of Blues)
73 Myers Family and Friends Talking Blues
74 The Eller Brothers and Ross Brown Don’t Go Riding Down that Old Texas Trail
75 Jack Bean Ring Ching Ching
76 Mary Lomax Fair and Tender Maidens
77 Virgil Sandage The Bird’s Song
78 Anna Sandage Underhill The Elfin Knight [Child 2]
79 Stan Gilliam Gypsy Davy [Child 200]
80 Mary Lomax Black Jack Davy [Child 200]
81 Ray Rhodes Black Jack Davy [Child 200]
82 Oscar “Doc” Parks The Battle of Stone River
83 The Phillips Wonders Froggy Went A-Courting Froggy Went A-Courting
84 Mary Heekin The Factory Girl
85 Jim Cook I’m a Noble Soldier
86 Anna Sandage Underhill The Young Man’s Lament
87 Vern Smelser The Butcher’s Boy [Laws P24]
88 Ollie Gilbert Lady Lye [Child 79]
89 Stan Gilliam Lullabies
90 Ollie Gilbert Utah Carl [Laws B4]
91 Mary Ruth Moore Billy Button
92 Oneitha Ellison and Group Ring Plays
93 Mr. and Mrs. Lazore Mohawk Love Song
94 Alice Gerrard Shenandoah
95 Greg and Lala Brown Two Little Boys
96 Mary Lomax Down in the Arkansas
97 Bonnie Loggins I’ll Drink and Be Jolly
98 Brady ”Doc” Barnes We’ll March Around the Wall
99 Vern Smelser John Came Home [Child 274]
100 Margaret Kimmett The Farm Out West The Farm Out West
101 Ray Rhodes Frankie and Johnny [Laws I3]
102 Della Mae Reedy The Farmer’s Son Mistress
103 Maude Thacker The Famous Wedding [Laws P31]
104 Stan Gilliam Sail Away, Lady / Greenback
105 Sudie Parks The Lame Soldier
106 Oscar “Doc” Parks Pearl Bryan [Laws F2]
107 Bonnie Loggins Sing, Sing, What’ll I Sing?