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Excavated Shellac: Reeds

Vinyl LP includes download code + insert of extensive liner notes and photos / CD in digipak includes 20-page booklet. Publication Date: October 2, 2015


Reed instruments are capable of some of the most impassioned music on the planet, all due to the malleability of the reeds, themselves—historically made of plant tissue – which vibrate when air hits them. The origin of most reed instruments is steeped in rural, pastoral culture. Many insistent, loud, often joyful, reed instruments have always been played outdoors as traditional accompaniment for dancing and celebrations.


This compelling album is the second volume in the Excavated Shellac release series, featuring rare, never-before issued 78rpm records from around the world, centered on a unique theme. The previous volume (Excavated Shellac: Strings) focused on stellar stringed instrument performances. This release examines some of the most intense and hypnotic music set to disc during the early years of international recording, all featuring reed instruments. All previously unreleased on CD, with three bonus tracks not available on the newly-released vinyl LP. All records have been carefully transferred and mastered and are presented with extensive liner notes by Jonathan Ward.


“Jon Ward’s Excavated Shellac focuses on ethnic music on 78’s. He’s one of the smartest obsessive record collectors I know, and the stuff he posts I would gladly pay to download…it is always stuff you would never hear anywhere else, nothing here on CD. This is the rarest of the rare and the best of the best. Stellar!” – Steve Roden, Wire Magazine’s Web Exclusive


“Featuring Ward’s informative notes and commentary…(Excavated Shellac is) an astounding selection of music from India, Ireland, Turkey, Burma, Poland, Africa, Japan, Spain, the US, and more…rare treats.” – Susanna Bolle, The Boston Phoenix

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