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Gonora Sounds: Hard Times Never Kill

Gonora Sounds is a Zimbabwean band led by blind singer/songwriter Daniel Gonora. The guitar virtuoso is accompanied by his son Isaac Gonora on drums. In recent years, the band has extended to include Nelson “Mr Longman” Mutanda on guitar, Malizani Mbewe on bass, and backing vocalists Sehlaphi Mtombeni and Isabel Piyo.

"Hard Times Never Kill" features nine new recordings, as well as two bonus tracks that have been made available exclusively via the Dust-to-Digital website and the Dust-to-Digital Bandcamp page. This digital release includes a 22-page booklet in PDF format.

Jon Pareles, New York Times: "Gonora Sounds, from Zimbabwe, is led by a blind guitarist, Daniel Gonora. His style is called sungura, which meshes Zimbabwe’s own traditions — guitar picking that echoes the plinking patterns of thumb pianos — with styles from across Africa. 'Kusaziva Kufa' ('Ignorance') taunts anyone who doubted that his music would survive; between drums, vocals and guitars, it’s a syncopated marvel that shifts to an even higher gear halfway through."

Jim Hickson, The Quietus: “Sungura has this ability to bring the summer, no matter when you hear it. The shimmering electric guitars, bounding bass, tight harmonies and the gruff but passionate voice of Daniel Gonora all give this album a light, carefree, and joyous feel. It’s perfect for evoking a beating sun and the fragrance of baking grass, and as the style is based around circular chord sequences, it all feels as if it could spiral on and on into infinity.”


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