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Bolinus Brandaris: Flamenco from the Bay of Cadiz

Bolinus Brandaris: Flamenco from the Bay of Cadiz takes the listener to the Bay of Cadiz, the southernmost part of mainland Spain, which is considered the birthplace and heartland of flamenco.

Expertly recorded with modern technology in informal and natural environments, this is flamenco culture as it is being lived today.

Package Description:
96-page hardcover book with 46 photos printed on artbook-quality paper. Includes an audio CD.

Bolinus Brandaris gives flamenco's fundamental elements – voice and guitar – their overdue spotlight. By excluding the often-overemphasized component of flamenco dance, this release provides context which will enrich any flamenco experience.

As an artist with whom we worked said: "A singer, a guitar player, and a bottle of wine on the table – that's flamenco." And that kind of intimacy and immediacy is what these recordings are – flamenco where it lives: in the bars, social clubs, restaurants and homes of the people who have lived it all their lives.

The recording engineers and producers embedded in those environments and organized sessions that produced audiophile-quality recordings of the magic of flamenco, far removed from the pageantry of the stage and the sterility of the studio. Serve up some sherry, a bit of regional cheese, close your eyes and it is almost like you're there.

Produced in collaboration with The Vital Record


1. Trini de la Isla, Juani de la Isla, and Jesus Castilla – “Alegría”
2. Ana Polanco and Victor Rosa – “Malagueña”
3. Pedrín de la Isla and Victor Rosa – “Seguiriya”
4. Trini de la Isla, Jesus Castilla, and Juani de la Isla – “Bulería”
5. Jesus Guerrero – “Rondeña”
6. Jesus Castilla and Juani de la Isla – “Soleá”
7. El Niño del Parque – “Saeta”