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Voices of Mississippi: Artists and Musicians Documented by William Ferris

Box set featuring 120-page-hardcover book with 3 CDs and 1 DVD. Also includes a download/streaming code. 

This set was a monumental work for Bill Ferris, one that saw his decades of recording and filmmaking recognized with two Grammy Awards. To commemorate such a special release, Bill has agreed to sign a limited number of box sets, which are available for purchase. 


This watershed release represents the life’s work of William Ferris, an audio recordist, filmmaker, folklorist, and teacher with an unwavering commitment to establish and to expand the study of the American South.

William Ferris was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1942. Growing up on a working farm, Ferris began at a young age documenting the artwork, music, and lives of the people on the farm and in his local community.  The archive of recordings that he created and the documentary films that he had a hand in producing have served as powerful tools in institutions of higher learning for decades. 

It is with great excitement that we present these films and recordings. Our hope is that the enjoyment and educational value that has been received by Ferris’s students over the years will be transmitted to listeners around the world and further the understanding of Southern culture.


Book edited by William Ferris
Essays by Scott Barretta, David Evans and Tom Rankin
Two CDs featuring Blues and Gospel recordings (1966-1978)
One CD featuring Interviews and Storytelling (1968-1994)
One DVD featuring Documentary Films (1972-1980)
Transcriptions for each track
Download/Streaming Code Included

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