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Voices of Mississippi: Artists and Musicians Documented by William Ferris

Tracklist of Recordings

1. James "Son Ford" Thomas 44 Blues
2. Lovey Williams I Feel So Good
3. Wallace "Pine-Top" Johnson, Maudie Shirley, and Jasper Love Stackalee and Billy Lyons
4. Scott Dunbar Lil' Liza Jane
5. Mississippi Fred McDowell Big Fat Mama
6. Louis Dotson Bottle Blowing
7. Sonny Boy Watson Bring Me My Shotgun
8. Sam Myers Eyesight to the Blind
9. James "Son Ford" Thomas Cairo
10. Scott Dunbar Jaybird
11. Tom Dumas Cotton Eyed Joe
12. Lovey Williams Coal Black Mare
13. Unidentified Musician with Mississippi Fred McDowell I Dreamed I Went to the U.N.
14. Walter Lee Hood Darling If You Must Leave
15. Mississippi Fred McDowell I Got a Letter from Hot Springs
16. Wallace "Pine-Top" Johnson, Maudie Shirley, and Jasper Love Baby Loves to Boogie
17. Wash Heron and "Big" Jack Johnson Nothing
18. James "Son Ford" Thomas Dust My Broom
19. Scott Dunbar The Memphis Mail
20. Sonny Boy Watson Have You Seen My Baby
21. James Hughes Instrumental Guitar Piece in A
22. Lovey Williams Train I Ride
23. Unidentified Musician with Mississippi Fred McDowell Little Red Rooster
24. Leland Musician Darlin' Why You Treat Me So?
25. Inmates at Parchman Farm Water Boy Drowned in the Mobile Bay
26. George Lee "Sun Bud" Spears I Ain't Gonna Live It No More
27. James "Son Ford" Thomas with Sonny Boy Watson I Cannot Stay Here Baby
28. Mary and Amanda Gordon Lord, I'm in Your Hand
29. The Southland Hummingbirds You Don't Know Like I Know
30. Lovey Williams I'm Standing in the Safety Zone
31. Reverend Smith and Family Children, Go Where I Send Thee
32. Liddle Hines What Could I Do?
33. Providence Missionary Baptist Church So Glad I Got Good Religion
34. Church of God in Christ I Know the Lord Will Make a Way (Yes He Will)
35. Walter Lee Hood and Parchman Inmates Home on High
36. Fannie Bell Chapman We're So Glad To Be Here
37. Mary Alice and Alan Mcgowan My Mother's on that Train
38. Reverend Ott and Family You Don't Knock, You Just Walk On In
39. Walter Lee Hood They Tell Me of an Uncloudy Day
40. Rose Hill Church Thanks for Bill Ferris
41. Rose Hill Church Over Yonder Where the Sun Will Never Shine
42. The Southland Hummingbirds I've Been Born Again
43. Lovey Williams and Family The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
44. Providence Missionary Baptist Church How Did You Feel When You Come Out of the Wilderness
45 Church of God in Christ I Don't Have to Worry About Where I Spend Eternity
46. Fannie Bell Chapman and Family He's My Rock, My Sword, and Shield
47. Walter Lee Hood and Parchman Inmates Thank You Jesus
48. Mary and Amanda Gordon Cross of Calvary
49. Church of God in Christ My Grave's Gonna Be Decorated on that Day
50. The Southland Hummingbirds There Are Days
51. Church of God in Christ You Can't Hide Sinner
52. Reverend Isaac Thomas and Rose Hill Church Lord, Remember Me
53. Church of God in Christ Glory, Glory (Lay My Burden Down)
54. Barry Hannah On Bill
55. Alice Walker Regions of the Mind and Heart
56. Alex Haley The South
57. Ray Lum A Trader Is
58. Bobby Rush The Blues to Me
59. Barry Hannah On Son Thomas and Tradition
60. James "Son Ford" Thomas I Know It's Wrong to Be Playin' the Blues
61. Sonny Boy Watson Jitterbug Comes to Town
62. James "Son Ford" Thomas You Whistlin'
63. Joe "Skeet" Skillet Mule Toast and Pool Hall Toast
64. Joe Cooper The Preacher
65. Wallace "Pine-Top" Johnson, Jasper Love, and Maudie Shirley Lyin'
66. Shelby "Poppa Jazz" Brown Two Brothers, Heaven and Hell
67. Shelby "Poppa Jazz" Brown Creekman Killed Charlie Kirkland
68. B.B. King Lucille
69. Allen Ginsberg, James "Son Ford" Thomas, and Bill Ferris On Blues Composition
70. Robert Penn Warren The Decline in Human Values
71. Pecolia Warner The Bible Salesman
72. Ray Lum Fast Traders Disguising Mules
73. Ray Lum Horses Too Tall To Drown
74. Ray Lum The Ark and the Cats
75. Ray Lum The Panther
76. Victor Bobb Fixing Charles Lindbergh's Engine
77. Barry Hannah Lying About Being from Mississippi
78. Pete Seeger We Shall Overcome
79. James "Son Ford" Thomas Cemetery Conversations

Included Films 

1. “Gravel Springs Fife and Drum”
2. “Green Valley Grandparents”
3. “Ray Lum: Mule Trader”
4. “Fannie Bell Chapman: Gospel Singer”
5. “Four Women Artists”
6. “Hush Hoggies Hush: Tom Johnson’s Praying Pigs”
7. “Bottle Up and Go”