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Parchman Farm: Photographs and Field Recordings: 1947–1959 Tracklist


1 Jimpson and Group Murderer's Home
2 88 and Group Rosie
3 22 and Group It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
4 88 Whoa Buck
5 Tangle Eye, Hard Hat, 22, and Little Red When I Went to Leland
6 Buzzard and group I'm Going to Memphis
7 22 and Group The Prettiest Train I Ever Saw
8 22 and Group John Henry
9 Dan Barnes and Group John Old Alabama
10 Foots Hollers
11 Dobie Red and Group Stewball
12 Bama Levee Camp Hollers
13 Tangle Eye, Hard Hat, 22 and Little Red Early In the Morning
14 Dobie Red and Group I Got A Bulldog (Well I Wonder)
15 22 and Group Dollar Mamie
16 Bama Stackalee
17 Dan Barnes and group I Don't Want No Jet Black Woman
18 Bull, Foots and Dobie Red Did You Hear About Louella Wallace
19 Tangle Eye Tangle Eye's Blues
20 22 and Group Rosie
21 Bama I'm Going Home
22 Jimpson and Group No More My Lord
23 Unidentified Group The Weather Get Warm
24 Floyd Batts Lucky Song
25 Clarence Alexander Disability Boogie Woogie
26 John Edwards and Group Berta
27 Clyde Jones and Group Poor Lazarus
28 John Dudley Cool Drink of Water Blues
29 Ed Lewis Levee Camp Holler / Interview
30 Ed Lewis and Group Black Gal
31 Bama I Don't Want You Baby
32 Grover Wells and Group Rosie
33 Bridges Lee Cole Hollers
34 John Dudley You Got a Mean Disposition
35 John Dudley Big Road Blues
36 Ervin Webb and Group I'm Going Home
37 George Golden and Group Berta
38 Grover Wells Up the River
39 Clarence Alexander Prison Blues
40 Johnny Lee Moore, Ed Lewis, James Carter, and Henry Mason Tom Devil
41 Willie Washington My Jack Don’t Drink No Water
42 Leroy Campbell and Yancey Sometimes I Wonder
43 Henry Ratcliff Look for Me In Louisiana
44 Heuston Earms Ain't Been Able to Get Home No More