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Fonotone Records (1956-1969) Tracklist


1 Joe Bussard|Oscar Myers Chinese Breakdown
2 Sunny Side Sacred Singers Power In The Blood
3 Blind Thomas Wanda Russell's Blues
4 Danville Dan Foggy Bottom Shuffle
5 Tennessee Mess Arounders I Love You Mama
6 Happy Johnny and Family Soldier's Joy
7 Blue Ridge Partners Carry Me Back To The Mountains
8 W.R. Barnes and W.E. Barnes Fox Chase
9 Lucky Chatman's Ozark Mountain Boys Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
10 The Adcock Family Baker's Breakdown
11 Back Alley Boys Alley Strut
12 Lee Moore Boweavil
13 Bluegrass Travelers Bugle Call Banjo
14 Tennessee Mess Arounders Tator Patch Blues
15 Milo Way We Need More Rattlesnakes
16 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Jug In The Shade
17 Welch Brothers Lost Indian
18 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Love Old Memphis
19 B. Sam Firk Old Country Rock
20 Bob Coltman|Joe Bussard The Death Of John Kennedy
21 Three Blues Boys Onions
22 Blind Thomas Paint Brush Blues
23 Welch Brothers Helter Skelter
24 Mississippi Swampers Green Blues
25 Georgia Jokers Hannah Open The Door
26 Hillbilly Boys Wildwood Flower
27 Whitacre Family Down On The Delaware
28 Bill Hoffman|Joe Bussard Crazy Arms
29 Lucky Chatman's Ozark Mountain Boys Bluegrass
30 Georgia Jokers Rome Georgia Bound
31 Blind Thomas Blind Blues
32 Bluegrass Travelers Bluegrass Shuffle
33 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Cider Time Rag
34 Happy Johnny and Family Sugar Babe
35 Welch Brothers Tearing Down The Laurel
36 Possum Holler Boys Up Jumped The Devil
37 Clarence Fross Fox Chase
38 Virginia Ramblers Virginia Ramble
39 Joe Bussard Sow Good Seeds
40 Beachley Sisters Nobody's Darling But Mine
41 Brother Smith and Brother Amo Everlasting Joy
42 The Backlanders Backlander's Hornpipe
43 Georgia Jokers Jokin' Georgia Rag
44 Jackson Jug Jumpers Stir It Now
45 Kid Future Kid Future's Blues
46 Rocky Ridge Ramblers R.G. Chimes
47 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Back Alley Wiggle
48 Possum Holler Boys Pig Tail Fling
49 Rocky Ridge Ramblers Down Where The River Bends
50 Joe Bussard|Oscar Myers The Flight Of Astronaut John Glenn
51 Hillbilly Boys Hillbilly's Guitar
52 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Memphis Hambone Blues
53 Tennessee Mess Arounders Mandolin Blues
54 Welch Brothers Cheat Mountain
55 The Adcock Family Shady Grove
56 Birmingham Bill Cumberland Gap
57 Coltman and Taylor Fisher's Hornpipe
58 Joe Birchfield and Family Cackling Hen
59 B. Sam Firk Barefoot Mamlish Blues
60 Two Black Jacks Black Jack Rag
61 The Adcock Family Hot Corn Cold Blues
62 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Tear It Down
63 Happy Johnny and Family Father Put the Cow Away
64 Whitacre Family Whitacre's Hornpipe
65 Bluegrass Travelers Banjo Stretch
66 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Coal Tipple Blues
67 Mississippi Swampers Some Summer Day No. 2
68 Mash Mountain Boys Hopalong Peter
69 Jolly Joe's Jug Band The Crowing Rooster
70 Whitacre Family Little Boy Stole My Jacket
71 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Black Cat Blues
72 Tennessee Joe Franke
73 Whitacre Family Striped Stockings
74 Guitar Rascals Short String Strut
75 Blind Robert Ward The Voyage of Apollo 8
76 Two Black Jacks Black Jack Drag
77 Kid Future Rory Mae
78 Coltman and Taylor Silver Bells
79 Blind Thomas Weissman Blues
80 The Adcock Family Sara Jane
81 Jolly Joe's Jug Band What She's Got
82 Georgia Jokers Susie
83 Robert H. Cubbage and Round Top Mountain Boys Round Town Gals
84 W.E. Barnes Ramblin' Blues
85 Sizemore and Smith Pretty Little Girl
86 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Scattin' Rag
87 Bill Hoffman|Joe Bussard Please Love Me
88 B. Sam Firk Delta Moodish Blues
89 Oscar Myers Busted Boiler Blues
90 Ted Kreh Big Legged Mama
91 Happy Johnny and Family Leather Breeches
92 Mississippi Swampers Dark and Lonely Night Blues
93 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Borrow Love and Go
94 Blue Ridge Partners I Don't Love Nobody
95 Birmingham Bill Hen Pecked Man
96 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Treastle Blues
97 Danville Dan Train to Danville
98 B. Sam Firk No Special Rider Blues
99 Jolly Joe's Jug Band Basement Blues
100 Damien Drunk Song No. 2
101 Jolly Joe's Jug Band If You Don't Love Me Mama
102 Mississippi Swampers Stone Pony
103 Blind Robert Ward The Pueblo's Crew
104 Wild Mountain Boys Confessin'
105 Blind Thomas Poor Boy Blues
106 Bill Bailey|Frank Stuart Cripple Creek
107 Lucky Chatman's Ozark Mountain Boys Put My Little Shoes Away
108 The Adcock Family Hoppin' The Frets
109 Mason O'Bavion John Henry (Take 1)
110 The Adcock Family Nine Pound Hammer
111 Birmingham Bill Brimingham Tickle
112 Georgia Jokers Atlanta Rag
113 Clarence Fross Old Hypocrite
114 Bald Knob Chicken Snatchers Sugar In The Gourd
115 Lee Moore I Hear Mother Calling
116 Beachley Sisters It's Only The Wind
117 Whitacre Family Maple Sugar
118 Brother Smith and Brother Amos Preach The Gospel
119 W.R. Barnes and W.E. Barnes My Savior Died For Me
120 Danville Dan Sunflower Strut
121 Joe Bussard|Oscar Myers Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
122 Gabriel's Holy Testifiers Lay My Armor Down
123 Jolly Joe's Jug Band The Old Folks Started It
124 Whitacre Family Done Gone
125 Bob Coltman Got To Get A Little More
126 Wild Mountain Boys Wild Mountain Ramble
127 B. Sam Firk Money Green No. 2
128 Sunny Side Sacred Singers Didn't They Crucify My Lord
129 Carolina Pine Knots I'm Rollin' On
130 Kid Future Delta Crapation
131 Possum Holler Boys Sugar Tree Stomp