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Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll Tracklist


1 The Royal University Of Fine Arts Phnom Penh
2 Sinn Sisamouth Under the Sound of Rain
3 Chhoun Malay The Story of My Love
4 Huoy Meas Unique Child
5 Baksey Cham Krong B.C.K.
6 Ros Serey Sothea Don't Be Angry
7 Sinn Sisamouth Dance a Go Go
8 Pen Ran There's Nothing to Be Ashamed Of
9 Baksey Cham Krong Full Moon
10 Sinn Sisamouth|Ros Serey Sothea Thevary My Love
11 Ros Serey Sothea Heaven's Song
12 Sinn Sisamouth Navy a Go Go
13 Sieng Vannthy Console Me
14 Drakkar Crazy Loving You
15 Pou Vannary You've Got a Friend
16 Yol Aularong Cyclo
17 Ros Serey Sothea Old Pot Still Cooks Good Rice
18 Ros Serey Sothea Three Maidens
19 Drakkar Have You No Mercy
20 Yol Aularong|Va Sovy Dying Under a Woman's Sword
21 Sinn Sisamouth Don't Think I've Forgotten
22 Cheam Chansovannary Oh! Phnom Penh