Voices of Mississippi: Special Vinyl LP Edition

Voices of Mississippi: Special Vinyl LP Edition


Single LP featuring blues and gospel field recordings made by William Ferris between 1966 and 1974. Includes download code.

1. Scott Dunbar – “Lil’ Liza Jane”
2. Mississippi Fred McDowell – “Big Fat Mama”
3. Louis Dotson – “Bottle Blowing”
4. Scott Dunbar – “Jaybird”
5. James “Son Ford” Thomas – “Cairo”
6. Inmates at Parchman Farm – “Water Boy Drowned in the Mobile Bay”

1. Mississippi Fred McDowell – “I Got a Letter from Hot Springs”
2. Lovey Williams – “I’m Standing in the Safety Zone”
3. Mary Alice and Alan McGowan – “My Mother’s on that Train”
4. Reverend Ott and Family – “You Don’t Knock, You Just Walk On In”
5. Walter Lee Hood – “They Tell Me of an Uncloudy Day”
6. Mary and Amanda Gordon – “Lord, I’m in Your Hand”
7. James “Son Ford” Thomas – “Cemetery Conversations”

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